Thursday, 3 May 2012

Forest School!

Yay! Forest School began again today! The weather was pretty kind to us, a bit of drizzle now and again but otherwise dry enough; although of course the forest school area was incredibly muddy; the kids got mucky to high heaven! 
The Tree Dragon guarding the path...
Afterwards we meandered up to the vegetarian cafe and had lunch, and then a few of us meandered down to the play area, where the Rye and his friends had a marvellous time.  And gosh, at one point I thought Rye was going to take off and fly across the play area; the combination of huge wet slide and wet waterproof dunagrees, made for some very fast sliding!

Then quick shifty to take some friends home, bomb home ourselves for a change of clothes, pick up Rye's friend and off to Street Dance.  Ooops, we were very late, so more organisation needed next time.  And then transfer from my car to his dad's car.  Yup Rye is spending the night at his dad's and will back home tomorrow teatime. 

Phew.... and sit down :D
Busy day with lots of fun, dirt and laughter! :D
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Woolly Wanderer said...

As always joxy you do a fab job with Rye and your mindees. You were lucky with the weather, whenever we've attended FS it has rained or in the case of last month, hail storms!

Don't know where you get your energy!!

San x

Laura said...

Looks like so much fun! :)
Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures xx