Friday, 6 July 2012

Sunny days

Thankfully, there have been a few days of lovely warm sunshine. Lots of out door time, and visiting friends too. Sunday, we went to Essex, lovely time was had, and Rye enjoyed dragging my friend's teenage kids into playing with him.

He also enjoyed feeding the koi fish.

Monday, full day with minded child, some garden play, then visited HE friends, and ended up taking the bikes into the cemetery. The paths there are great for cycling on. Tuesday, pottering, and then a nursery pick up in the afternoon, so we visited friends again for a few hours.

Interestingly, Rye has become quite wild and disruptive, I suspect because of the free range fun he's been enjoying when we are camping, and not settled back into our home rhythm. He is the one who is inciting screaming races, wrestling etc, and working the kids into a frenzy. Add in late nights and I have quite a volatile lad at times.

Wednesday though was excellent. It was the group horse riding session, and also the day Rye's dad was to visit. I suggested his dad come to the riding lesson, and it was a rousing success. Rye got on the pony, and rode the entire lesson, including trotting!! Bless the lad, he was clearly chuffed to bits to have both his parents present. Phew it was hot too. I take my friend's kids to riding too, so afterwards we all piled back and slumped... It was really hot!!

And yesterday was Forest School. Again a lovely sunny day. The kids did a forest school Olympics; selecting wooden discs and then try to throw the disc into the correct habitat bucket, then races to collect pictures of animals, which then were sorted into vertebrate and invertebrate. The kids were really knowledgeable and did brilliantly. Then there were composting games and a bug hunt.

Afterwards a group of us went to the play park for a picnic. All the children played lovely, no tears, no hitting, no excluding, snatching... And the kids had big sticks they were playing with; for once parental intervention was not required.

Rye also sculptured with sticks

It's been a fun week.

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