Friday, 14 September 2012

None stop

Well, so it seems since arriving home from camping.

Rye and me have also caught a cold, generally ok, just very tired. Tuesday, Rye played at a friend's while I had my therapy session. Wednesday it was horse riding, although said he didn't want to ride this week. As he is ill I did not push it.

Thursday we went to the beach, taking advantage of the lovely warm weather we are having. Again, I went swimming in the sea, lovely, although possibly not the best idea with a cold. Felt better yesterday, but crummy today.

Then today it was the reptile meet and clay painting. Very nearly didn't go because of feeling rubbish. It was really good though. There was a snake, which Rye stroked, a tarantula, huge cockroaches, and various lizards. Afterwards the kids painted either a frog or lizard. These will be fired, really looking forward to seeing how Rye's frog turns out.

The kids did get to hold some of the animals, Rye was unsure. I was very proud when he stroked the snake, very cute snake.

Afterwards, I decided I'd treat Rye, and we'd eat out.

Aah the bliss on his face. It was a very generous child's dessert. Rye managed half of it.

Busy weekend to come too. Building the mini water proof shed for the camping gear, and if up to it, there is a Saxon re enactment taking place at Wildwood Saturday and Sunday. I'd really like to take Rye, at the same time we have been very busy the past week...

**grin**. I could almost complain that there is TOO much going on in our home ed community... But I won't ;-)

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Woolly Wanderer said...

well done for no complaining! What a treat to have so much going on!

Hope you are feeling better soon

San x