Friday, 21 September 2012

Slowing down?

Well, maybe not just at the moment, home ed is currently dominated with activities and trips. Next week there's horse riding, tobogganing, mad science workshop,and a trip to an alpaca farm.

This is right though, I feel Rye and me should concentrate his learning through experience while the weather is still barmy, it feels natural to move more to book learning as the nights get longer and pull of the indoors is stronger.

Once the house revamp is finished my plan is to begin the classical education curriculum with Rye. On a morning, after breakfast, we will sit down and do the language and writing lessons. At this stage the learning for Rye is oral, and the lessons will only last for about ten minutes. My plan is present it in a circle time format.

I have also purchased the Story of the World books, and the first activity book. The history I see as been more of a sofa experience. Snuggled up while I read a chapter to him, and then looking at the activity book. I'd also like to plan in some museum trips to fit in with what he will be learning.

I'm also going to introduce Rye to a nature sketch book. His drawing and colouring skills are at a stage where I think this will be a really fun thing for us to do together.

And finally maths. He appears to have some aptitude, I was amazed that after one car journey of counting up to 70, that he then understood how numbers work and can count to 100 with very few mistakes. He talks about numbers a lot too, so I shall happily supply him with mathematical games.

Looking at that it seems a lot, and while I am moving toward a more formal type of learning for Rye, I am very keen that his learning is mostly experience and tactile based.

This stage of Rye's education is so exciting, the beginning to read, grasping more abstract concepts, the sheer joy on his face when he figures something out, or completes it.

What a joy to share my child's learning journey with him!

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Laura said...

Lovely to hear about your current home ed journey. What an exciting week. :) xx