Friday, 12 October 2012


We are crawling along in getting the house sorted. To put a fire under my bottom, I have ordered a skip, which will be taken away on Monday, and a new preloved green suite, arriving Wed.

Really piled the pressure on, lugging a big heavy sofa out of the house into the skip, (eek), empty the old toy/ craft shelves, build new shelving unit, paint the lounge, empty book case and drawers, tidy kitchen, due clutter under stair cupboard ( after months of constantly having piles of laundry on the go cos of the changeable weather, I have decided to purchase a condenser dryer). Declutter the bedrooms, and if able, throw in skip my broken bed stead, not to mention removing the broken furniture in the garden.

After weeks and weeks of fairly aimless pottering, it's time to just do it, I am craving a tidy, comforting home in. A home to relax in and enjoy snuggling and crafting, and importantly, a home that Rye can effectively play and learn in!!. I'm so looking forward to snuggling and reading autumny books.

That's not to say Rye isn't learning and having fun, this week he has been horse riding,

And he fed the rabbits:

And he's had a play date with friends and then a dance lesson. Sadly he's not enamoured with Street dance. After this weeks lesson, he told me he enjoyed it, but still doesn't want to do it anymore. Bit of a dilemma, I take a friend's lad, and it will be difficult for him to continue if Rye does stop. We talked and I explained the dilemma, and he is willing to keep going so we continue to take his friend too, I'm proud of him, at the same time I wonder if I should just honour his decision. Rye is keen to try the dance and song sessions, I've told him if he likes it after the taster, then I'm happy to pay for both. He did seem ok with that; feels like I've put his friend first though, and that doesn't sit quite right with me.

More and more Rye is beginning to assert himself and say what he does and does not like, or want to do and I do not want to thwart him, or give him the impression that his desires are second to others. Ok, he is also learning about sacrificing a desire to help another to achieve theirs... Is he too young for this? Gosh, parenting, just keeps on being complicated and challenging.

Conscious too that I have mostly decided Rye's activities up until now, and now I need to relinquish the reins a bit and give Rye more independence in choosing what he wants to do. I guess give the compromise a go, but if he still asks to give up street dance again, then honour his decision.

Rye is definitely an ambitious creator, today he has built a bridge out of pipe cleaners that at one point, were stretched from the lounge shelves all the way up to his bedroom, and now, he has once again taken over the floor space with train tracks. And tea, once again is cheese toasties, shan't complain, quick and easy meals are much appreciated at the mo.

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