Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Gloriously typical day.

Met up again with the lovely families that come to our group. Today we were at the hall we hire. Lovely day, and plenty of opportunity for sunshine play!

And crafting with the boy, I made him this

Alas, he was far more interested in his own creation:

A 'kite'. Hmm, I think a kite making tutorial may be in order!

After group, Rye and me popped to Homebase where I purchased a delightfully named "jazz berry" coloured matt paint for the lounge. It's a lovely mellow pinky purple; almost the colour of heather. "Jazz berry", ha, love it, such a delightfully common pretentious name. Just had to have it. I also bought quite a few house plants. This house has been seriously lacking in house plants. I love the energy and freshness they bring to a room. I am on the clock now, furniture needs moving, walks painted, bookcase built and finally plants! At the moment they are in the car, have to clear some space in doors: the plan is to have the side wall painted and bookcase up by the end of the weekend. **fingers crossed**

This evening Rye and me watched Dr Seuss on the projector, Rye loved it

Really looking forward to film nights in the lounge, snuggled up with hot chocolate and popped corn, hmm :-))

Ooh, and while Rye was enthralled, I hooked this. The first of many to come.

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