Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Finally, a smattering of motivation. For months I have struggled with almost crippling lethargy, yes I could take Rye on camping trip, after trip, I could not take care of myself or the house; and the more intense the weight bearing pain, the worst the house became, so much so, we barely spent any time here; we'd get up and go straight out; whether to friends or on a trip.

Mind, I hadn't initially equated the sudden lack of housework as a reflection
of the state of my mind. Therapy naturally makes one introspective, so after a month of not getting anywhere with weightloss, I pondered and pondered, and realised that until the house was clean and tidy it simply would continue to be an excuse for poor eating, inactivity; and a constant drain in my mood.

Furthermore, the lounge as a playroom just wasn't working for me any more. I needed a space that worked as both a lounge and play area, not an easy task in a room that is really rather small. I needed a comfortable suite to sit on and for friends to sit on; so I could actually have friends over!

It's taken me weeks, mainly owing to lack of mobility resulting in frequent rests, and skiving a few days... But by Jove, I've done it; building the huge ikea expedit unit was a feat; although, gratifyingly easy to build, just hell on the knees. Slight hiccup when I realised I wouldn't be able to pick it up;

Thank goodness for neighbours.

Finding homes for the stuff and deciding what goes on the shelves has actually taken the best part of 3days! I feel so incredibly alive; sure I'm in agony, but it doesn't beat the sense that I'm in that place!! The rest of this week will be two fold, finish off tidying and cleaning the rest of the house, and begin juicing again in prep for next week when I intend to do a juice/soup fast until Yule. So ready!

The lounge more or less finished. :-). This was taken using iPhones panoramic setting.

The shift around has also reinvigorated Ryes play;

Ooh, and he helped me build the smaller cubed unit; absolutely loved using the drill, to screw the screws in;

All this means we are almost ready to settle into our new autumn rhythm; for Rye that means more focused learning, seasonal crafts, board games etc, and for me blissful crochet!!!


Fiona said...

So very pleased for you Jaqui and the lounge does look lovely and cosy now.

It is funny you posted this today. Just this past weekend we bought the exact same Expedit until to reorganise a bedroom, and the girls have played beautifully in there almost non stop since we made it and sorted the toys.

Loved seeing Rye's wooden castle again too.

Amanda said...

So pleased to see you re-emerging. Have missed you both blogging and on GP....

missking said...

well done you! sounds like you have been through it recently and i am hoping you are coming out the other side. well done for sticking at it!!
much love

nocton4 said...

You are FAB x