Monday, 29 October 2012

The week past

Tis been busy, more tidying, sorting, a fair bit of avoidance of the "cupboard of doom!" There's also been rediscovering toys:

Playing silks and pirate hats.

Crafting- oh how my boy loves to craft.

Loads of play with these bricks - I had decided to sell them on, but he's played with them the past 3 days; wonderful imaginative and funny play. (Psst, the jumper he's wearing, I hooked with Hand dyed yarn from: Arwen Makes )

He's made a parachute kite

And in between I've received beautiful yarn:

And today I took a friend and her son to his hospital appointment, while they saw the consultant, I hooked up this cute snowflake:

Recognise it? Yup, it's Lucy's design, from Attic 24. After the hospital appointment, we went back to M's and invaded. While there I hooked up these;

And Rye had to try on his costume for the HE Halloween party tomorrow.

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nocton4 said...

Looking good darling x