Thursday, 22 November 2012

Ginny's Yarn Along

Recently I have been reading the Three Sisters Island trilogy, by Nora Roberts. Mixing of romance with witchcraft and a three century curse. Fluffy, light reading (and listening; the first two books I had in audio format). Not high brow by any means, and very predictable, but wonderful for a mind that has a lot on it and just wants a bit of meaningless escapism while crocheting.

Carrying on in that vein, I found on kindle a diary of an American witch. She supposedly grew up in a family that has many witches in its tree, mostly on the female side. A family tradition, not Wiccan. Rather disappointingly most of what I have read so far is pure Wicca, still her writing is fairly engaging. The book is Family Tradition Witchcraft by Kit McGoey. And if nothing else it has reminded me how much I have been drifting and not practising my craft.

Although I have been delving in the deep recesses of my mind and emotions, learning more about me, finding peace, acceptance ; that in its self is important craft work; know thyself I began many moons ago, working with a friend who now lives overseas. She was to become my teacher, alas my focus was rubbish and it never progressed, I'm still not in a place to progress, I need to resolve me first, but I have realised that does not mean neglecting the spiritual side of me. I need my connection to the land, I need to feel the weather upon me, to feel that sense of awe, of sacred. I need to get out in nature more, you know, this is the first Autumn I have not been foraging, haven't collected chestnuts, pine cones, acorns, gone fungi hunting, just being outdoors.

Funny how fluffy reading can still sometime have an impact.

As for hooking, I am beavering away making mini motif stockings:

I have about 25 hooked now. Quick, colourful makes that provide instant gratification :-)

Same with this ever growing pile of snow flakes.

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arwen_tiw said...

Lovely colours! :)

San said...

Hooky Magic!!

San xx

Joxy said...


Fiona sorry I accidental deleted your comment, so I've pasted it from the email notification:
(Flakes are £1.5 each and of course I'll send you a couple)

From Fiona:

I love your snow flakes (and deeper reflections too of course!).
If you would be prepared to post a couple to Switzerland (I would cover all postage costs of course) I would be interested to know how much you are asking for them.

The colours intrigue me, and I know of 2 little girls who would be thrilled to find one in their Christmas stocking this year.

I know you are working for an upcoming fair, but if you have any left after that please let me know.
fiona AT truffy DOT com