Monday, 19 November 2012

The stash, part 1

So, it's no secret that I love to buy yarn, and I indulge regularly.

Up to now my yarn has been stored in cotton bags and boxes, and a fair bit tumbling across my bedroom floor.

Today my new bed frame arrived; a red faux leather ottoman bed frame. The mattress lifts up to reveal underbed storage.

Soooo comfortable.

And well all that space underneath seems a perfect place to store my stash for now.

Wanna see?

This is the bottom part of my bed; There's various yarn from the natural dye studio, theres king cole riot, Debbie bliss, Arwen Makes hand dyed blue faced Leicester, fyber spates, Louise Harding, Noro, and lots of delicious Araucanian.

The top end is stylecraft packs (3), and my stash of RICO essentials merino.

My stash of cotton is down stairs, I'll photograph that tomorrow. There's also a large trug of odds and sods at a friend's house.

Wanna see closer? :-))

Gives me an inner glow of joy, riot if colour and texture. Beautiful!

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nocton4 said...

Wow x

Becks said...

Oh wow, love the stash. So much colour. And so many familiar skeins too ;) I have loads of the KC Riot somewhere, think you have given me an idea of how my day will go - if this babe sleeps at all!
Nice bed, makes me think less sleep, ;) (although it was that kind of fun that meant I don't get time to enjoy my stash....)
Love to you and Rye xx

arwen_tiw said...

Now *that* is a stash! :O That even rivals Ashleigh's now! :D

Bernardeena said...

What a fantastic stash and what a fab storage solution!

Freda Brodie said...

OMGoodness Jacqui I thought I was a yarn hoarder lol.