Thursday, 8 November 2012


After waiting months and months for a swimming instructor to have vacancies; Rye had his first lesson on last night. He was very nervous, kept saying he did not want to learn to swim and was scared.

Swimming is one of those skills I believe it is essential for my son to learn, right up there with cooking, reading, writing, riding a bike, appreciation of nature, and magic. It has been a difficult path, at various times Rye has experienced inconsolable terror of water. As a baby cum toddler he developed a fear of baths and was terrified of having his hair washed. And then he developed an unholy terror of the sea.

Slowly I desensitised him, and we are now at the point of where he loves splashing in the shallows of the sea, doesn't mind his hair being washed and loves playing in the bath. The swimming pool, he is a bit wary, unfortunately he slipped under the water a couple of times, which set us back a bit. And of course, for me he played up, hence private swimming lessons.

Proud mummy moment when he agreed to go with the instructor, and she quickly encouraged him into the pool. I was even more proud, as I watched him listen and follow instruction so that by the end of the session he was doing this:

He has another 5 lessons to go. My plan is to take Rye swimming twice a week to practise his new skills, and build up further his water confidence. With any luck next year, we will be swimming in the sea together.

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arwen_tiw said...

Aw well done Rye! :)