Thursday, 1 November 2012


Samhain tends to last 3 days in my house, and this year is no exception.

Tuesday Rye Woke up saying "Halloweeeen", it was so damn cute! We had the HE Halloween party that was fab, the kids loved it!

The dry ice was a big hit.

Yesterday was Samhain proper, we played games, ate yummy food, decorated the window, and later I lit a candle to remember the ancestors and did a guided meditation.

At bed time we read the Samhain chapter of Luna moon hare, and snuggled while I told rye stories of my parents and brothers.

This morning Rye shouted, "Yule, Yule, Yule", over and over, bless him, had to explain we had a wee while till Yule, instead today we enjoy being outside at brockhill park for forest school, began with big blobs of cold rain, but now the skies have cleared and the sun is shinning

And once home, continue our Samhain crafts, these ones concentrating on Samhain being the Celtic new year.

Oh and I expect we will be playing the cauldron game and swamp sums game too :-))

Location:Hythe Road,Folkestone,United Kingdom


nocton4 said...

Happy days mama
Blessed be x

Motherherb said...

So reminded me of childhood, I went to Brockhill School and was head girl!! Once I left home in Elham, then moved to Somerset rd in Cheriton. So love reading your Blog. thank you. x

Joxy said...

Cheers :-)). Plans changed slightly we visited friends, not arriving home until teatime, after which just time for a couple games of swamp sums, and then bed for Rye, and I'm about to settle with crochet and an audio book :-d