Tuesday, 13 November 2012


There are days when I wonder why I persist in home educating my son, days when my ears ring from the never ending "Mum, mum, Mum MUM!!" Days when I wonder where this sadistic streak has come from, and actually whether sending Rye to school might just save him from being throttled!
And then there's days like today.
This morning there was the Home Ed group meet at the hall. Just a few families this week. No matter the kids whooped, chased after each other, played games, ate a staggering amount of popcorn, crafted, painted and generally had a jolly good time!

Afterwards I took a friend and her children home, stayed for a cuppa, saying I couldn't stay long...
Before I knew it, at least 3 cuppas had been drunk, many topics discussed while the children made dens, yelled at each other, made more dens, yelled more, while Cas and I rolled our eyes and commiserated with each other and drank more tea.
What you do you want for tea? We asked our respective children. Sausage and chips was the common answer, and as luck would have it the chippy van was in the village.
Can we go to the park, the children asked, the adults began to say no...
"Actually, it's a damn good idea, I can drive us all up, and we can eat in the park and afterwards play in the park in the dark!"
Kids had a fabulous adventure, the adults enjoyed further chinwaggery, and the warm glow of knowledge that memories had been made!

And what memories, 3 hours the kids played, before frozen mama toes and the beginning of fractious play hinted it was time to go.

This is why I home educate; the freedom to be spontaneous, to play in the park until around 8:30pm, to free us both from the regiment of the school day; to provide an unique education and learning experience.
Today's like today remind me of how wonderfully liberating home education is; it's most definitely our cup of tea :-)


Jessica said...

The "What is the best part of home ed for your family" was asked on a Fb group recently.We had to say Freedom too, to just be, grow, develope! Freedom is great. (We have those other days too, I think most mums do <3)

Woolly Wanderer said...

Just fab!

San x

Joxy said...

It is the freedom, isn't it. I love so much how free we are, it's great. And even as we begin to do more formal learning... It's only coming about because Rye is loving it. Reading hour, I wasn't sure how Rye would take the concept, but actually he is enjoying it. He sat himself down the other day on the bean bag, and just began looking through his books. Brilliant!

Jessica said...

We have been reading so much too, every night before bed for at least an hour to littlest, and middle has been liking stories like Dr doolittle and 21 balloons being read.Eldest detested reading due to how it was treated in school (she read above grade and was pulled back) has just started reading the heartland books. Its amazing to watch them pick things up.Because we read so much the youngest is now reading so fluently too. If he is happy then things are proceeding just perfectly (I tell myself that a lot here!)

nocton4 said...

perfect x