Saturday, 15 December 2012

A time for planning.

So many plans germinating at the moment.
Some are dependent on working again, I know the Universe will provide me with what I need; I confess though, there is a smidge of panic in my stomach as I see the penny amount in my bank account dwindling.
Practical actions have been taken; I've used a few pennies to purchase some magnetic signage for my car (so I can take it off when I want to), advertising myself as a childminder.

I received (free) business cards, and come Monday will wander down to the local SureStart centre and leave my details with them.  I've updated details on the various websites I'm on, including Ofsted.  And I've let friends and fellow childminders know that I am free to take on contracts.

I've also started another business; well more of a hobby business really.  I do not expect to make a living from my crochet; at the moment the pennies I have made from it have paid for food, and a few activities for Rye.  I'm hoping in future the pennies made from it will pay for more yarn; but also some can be put away for trips and adventures.

I smile when I think of the therapy sessions I had; my weight hasn't reduced, my attitude has changed and I am putting in place changes and sorting out practicals, it's not quite what I expected, I did rather think she would be able to hypnotise me to just stop eating crap; but it doesn't work like that; or perhaps I'm just not that suggestable.  Still successful thought, my mum is no longer a factor, she was who she was, she did what she did.  It is in the past, finished.  Now is what is important, and now it is me who is keeping me fat - I have a very simple choice; choose to be slim or choose to be fat. 

I choose slim, and come January (Please Universe, a contract will be essential come January!), those eye wateringly expensive kitchen gadgets I bought this year, will be proving their worth.   So plans germinating; and these next few weeks it's all about attitude; reading inspiring stories, watching them on YouTube, practising mindfulness, and beginning the process of breaking eating habits that have become so ingrained I do them unthinkingly.

There's plans germinating around Rye and his education, with the Home Ed group, activities, adventures...
And I'm beginning to think about longer term plans, I've lived here longer than I have anywhere since leaving home at 19 at going to University... there is a sense of unrest, a desire for a change.  Practicals to consider and mull upon.

Tis the season for that; and I am enjoying the day dreaming, the planning, and looking back on 2012 - overall, it was a bloody good year.

I'm looking forward to 2013.

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San said...

Hugs to you Joxy! Wishing for you all that you hope for in the forthcoming year. You've come a long way and do such a great job caring for Rye and I love your crochet!

San xxx