Friday, 14 December 2012

Yule Day 13

No photos I'm afraid. 
I took Rye to see Sleeping Beauty Panto at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury.  We went with other home educating families from around the county.

The panto was very, very good.  Rye was a little unsure at first; it was incredibly loud; and of course the audience was encouraged to participate and be very loud too.  The first part ended with a fantastic dragon puppet that reached out over the audience, with very dramatic music and fire bursts on stage.  For me, it was superb; for Rye, a wee bit scary.

The interval allowed him to collect himself; and he loved the second part, and was even excited to see the dragon again :-)

Already signed up to see Jack and the Beanstalk next year.

And I'm really hoping for a contract soon, as the Marlowe has Cinderella on Ice in Jan/Feb and ooh I'd love to go and see it; Rye really enjoyed Peter Pan on Ice, so I think he'd love this more than the Panto.

Loving this year's festive season; Rye truly is at that right age to be fully engaged in the magical make believe of the season :-)

He asked me how the Winter King gets in the house to leave his stocking. 
"He turns into the North Wind and blows through the letterbox and all the nooks and crannies in the house", I replied.
"Ooooooh" replied Rye wide eyed.  :D

Love it. 

I know some parents believe, that weaving this sort of magic is lying and is not a good example to set to children.  I respect their choices; simply, my belief is that the Winter King, Father Christmas, Elves, fairies etc, are real; they are the archetypes, the spirit of the festive season; and they become real through every parent who takes on the spirit of the season, and every child who believes.

 **whispers**  And I still believe in Santa!

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