Thursday, 6 December 2012

Up and down day.

Beautiful morning with so much promise; the air crisp and chilly.
Forest school; ivy, holly, willow for weaving, children creating
Lovely creations made in the forest school area.  (Picture taken by a friend)

 Mama sitting in the cafe with hot latte, enjoying the view and watching the birds.

 A wee bit of hooky time and finishing off a Yule make - Rye's new winter hat, for his stocking.

Alas thing went awry once home. 
Discovery of deceit and lying and one broken Ipad screen.
Angry, hurtful words, cancelling of Yule.

Later apologies, cuddles and chats on the importance of honesty
Yule reinstated.
Crackle baths


San said...

I think you do a great job with Rye and you both make a great team!

Pip loves forest school too.

San xx

AMP said...

silly question maybe but what snowsuit is that? i really want to get the kids some really really warm and waterproof suits to play outside in as they're always complaining about cold and will never play out for very long. what one do you recommend? they're pricey so i don't want to get the wrong one!

Joxy said...

I bought it from Muddypuddles in their summer sale. I got it for £35, these one's normally retail at £75 I believe.

It seems nice and warm so far; it was -1 when we arrived at forest school and the temp only increased to 3 degrees while he was there.

Keeping feet warm and dry is important too; wellies tend to be very cold. Thermal socks, and a nice thick sole to insulate against the cold!