Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Yule counting down!

Busy, lovely seasonal times.  From crocheting commissions, to Yule makes, to running Rye crackle baths (bubble baths with popping candy added).  It's all go here.

Rye was terribly excited by the snow this morning; alas it was a teaser, hopefully, of things to come.
"Its Winter!  Yay it's Yule!"  He exclaimed.  I have to keep explaining that the season of winter will last a while, but Yule is not the entirety of winter.

Twas very exciting, I do hope we get a goodly amount of snow, so lots of snow fun can be had.

I started this year's winter warmers for Rye yesterday - these go into his stocking; the hat I've made in outstandingly gorgeous Fyberspates Scrumptious DK.  I've called the hat, Treble Trouble; as I've had a lot of fun playing with front and back post trebles and double trebles.   Very pleased with the outcome.  The hat is all but finished, I just need to make some corkscrews to add.  Next will be the cowl, and then mitts.  If I have enough left over I will try and make Rye a vest; not sure I'll be able to, he's a big lad; maybe make something with the left over for the selling page?  Hmmm.

Oooh, swimming this evening; it is absolutely amazing how Rye has progressed in 5 weeks!  I am quite gobsmacked.

He is now swimming with just one float.  He can float on his own, so he should be able to swim without aid; so the emphasis will be working on his confidence.  He did brilliant, going fully under water, swimming on his back etc.  So incredibly proud of him.  He has one more private lesson left, and then he and I will be working on his skills together.  I have signed him up again with his instructor, as he has a rapport with her - sadly though she is fully booked until March.  Going private was definitely the right decision; Rye is beginning to look like a water baby.


The Barefoot Crofter said...

Wow - well done Rye! Certainly seems to have been worth it J - a life skill and fun too. We didn't get snow here - rarely do, but we were just reading Ollie's ski trip, for the bedtime story x

Jessica said...

Way to go Rye, sometimes going private is the only way to go, esp when the child (or adult) needs tha tlittle extra one on one time.