Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Yule day 17

A full day:

There was more snow fluff play first thing. Dancing to Christmas music on the radio, fancifying clay tree decorations, maths practise via board games Qwirkle and Swamp Sums. Attempts at crochet, much chatter, painting, and cuddles;

Much needed, I am so very busy that Rye has played and crafted alone with minimal input from me. I snapped at one point and bless his heart his face just crumpled, I immediately felt terrible and held him as he sobbed his hurt. All he wanted was me to play. He's a forgiving lad, and I promised come Yule ill be all his for playing games and playing with new toys, and I will sit and show him how to crochet again.

I'm busy with hooky gifts,

A special hat for a friend's child.
Playing with flowers for attaching to clips;

Too big, but I have plans for this,

Much better, think it needs a second leafy though.
In between hooky there's been attempts to tidy; the downstairs has gone from being ok to suddenly trashed. Lounge is now tidied up and feeling much more spacious again. All nice in prep for Yule :-) kitchen half way there, then there's Rye room to tackle - its a death trap at tho, I honestly have no idea how he gets around in there!

I did manage to find time for some baking; although I really wish I'd spared five mins to let Rye help, instead of been caught up in completing tasks as quickly as possible. Owe him a baking session!
The sweet mince muffins didn't last long and I think went a little way to mollifying excluded feelings.

Much prefer these to mince pies!

Then bed for Rye, and agreement to putting on Iron Man for him to watch, giving me freedom from guilt to get on with housework. Tis very late, or early morning, depending on perspective; no point going to bed now, I'll crack on with the rapunzel hat, and then knock up another batch of muffins for home ed group Christmas Party, and sort the craft box to take over.

Anyway, better get on.

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Fiona said...

The hair clips are looking fab Jacqui. Our snowflakes arrived, and the girls simply love them so we may be ordering hair clips too ;-)

It sounds like a good day, and if you have a minute I would love the recipe for the muffins (a link in a Blog post is fine).

That second pic of Rye is lovely - he is looking so grown up these days.