Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Yule day 18

As we enjoyed morning snuggles, Rye told me, "3sleeps to Yule, then it will be2sleeps, then1, and then Yule and presents". His body vibrating with excitement.

His joy is infectious, I can't wait myself! Yule I'm sharing with friends then afterwards I am planning lots of being present and having fun with Rye, playing, snuggling, watching movies together, baking, crafting. A few day break in between as he goes to his dads from Christmas Eve till Boxing Day, Time to kick back and be decadently lazy, and then slowly begin preparations for Rye's birthday on the first.

And today was perfect, home ed Christmas party, the biscuit "ginger houses" were a hit, as were bulb and pot decoration, pine one bird seeders, and snow fluff. Despite making a large bowl of the stuff it was gone in two minutes of the kids having a snowball fight.

Really lovely time. Then we dumped the kids on a friend and Cassie and picked up a few groceries, and then ended up staying at our friends house for the evening.

We had a lovely time chatting and laughing and the kids played themselves out.

Today felt a good antidote for my busyiness of late, and filled Rye's cup :-)

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Susie said...

Your home ed party sounds fantastic, what a great group you have!
Happy Yule to you both :-) xx

gina sewell said...

Wishing you both a joyful happy Yule x x x

Joxy said...

Thank you, Yuletide blessings, friends :-)