Wednesday, 2 January 2013

6th Birthday.

Goodness, six years. 
I can't quite get use to the idea of being the mother of a six year old.  He's a baby still, surely!

But six he is, and oh what a glorious day was had (if a very tired day for a mama who had to wait a long time for the aforementioned boy to fall asleep the eve of his birthday)

 But asleep he finally fell, so I was able to bring his gifts down and wrap in play silks, and do a bit of tidy up so the lounge was nice and clear.  I had planned to make brownies for his birthday; tiredness and thumping headache had me snoozing on the sofa instead.

All worth it though, when he saw the gifts and balloons. :-)

 The Scooter elicited a scream of excitement.
 The marble run, once he realised how to build it, occupied him for most of the morning.
 Gotta have waffles with jam and squirty cream for your birthday breakfast.
 Wheeley party in the park.  To my exasperated amusement, Rye didn't actually use his scooter, choosing to ride his bike instead and let his friend C ride the scooter.

 M&S provided the sugar fest; although really the kids didn't eat a huge amount as they were all too busy playing and riding/scootering/skating.
 Happy birthday sweet boy, gawd I love you so much!

 Brrr it was cold!  I took my little wood gas stove down and we had hot chocolate to help keep warm.  By the time we left, the mama's were frozen! lol.  It was lovely though, sunshine and brisk coldness to chase away the web cobs. 
When we got home, Rye asked if he could watch Little Bear.  His birthday tea was to be pasta with bolognaise sauce.  He stuffed the rest of the chocolate instead, and I slid onto the sofa and dozed.

Earlish to bed, and a request to co-sleep granted.

"Did you enjoy your birthday, sweetie?"  I asked sleepily, as he snuggled into my arms.
"Oh, yes!  It was great!"

"But you forgot to make me a hot chocolate."


(rectified today, he's had a huge frothy hot chocolate with marshmellows and cream!)


arwen_tiw said...

Haha lovely! :)

Dawn said...

Happy 6th birthday Rye.
Blessings to you both xx