Tuesday, 8 January 2013


I've always been a bit of a free-former at heart when it comes to crochet.  In recent years I've used patterns more to create beautiful fabrics, and pieces; plus I've learned a lot about different stitches, shaping, etc from those patterns.

Recently I've been working on a project that is free-form pattern blended.  Freeform in that there's no overall pattern, blended because I am using some patterns for motifs and some I'm making up as I go along.  I do like the freedom of freeform; it's more flexible and artistic. 

So my current project;  well it's an old skirt I loved but is now beyond wearing.  So I cut way the ripped and stained cheesecloth tiers, leaving me with the wide waist band, to that I've added fillet crochet to which I'm adding the freeform sections to.  Some sections are large that I've worked in one piece, others are small motifs I'm adding on to fill awkward spaces, or give some balance and depth to the piece.

Wanna see progress so far?  I am very pleased, while I've free formed before - it's always been to create something quite conventional looking - this is something new for me; and I'm enjoying it immensely - it's like painting with yarn!
The theme is circles, so I'm playing with that form.  This is the first large section, the combination of 3 circle motifs and then additional work around, and some leaf like shapes added.
 The section added to the skirt via fillet crochet, and embellished further with beads, buttons and embroidery thread.  I don't want to add too much to each section tho, as it will make the piece very heavy.  This will be a short skirt to wear over leggings/jeggings.  Once the bottom part of the skirt is finished I'll added further motifs to the waist band to tie top and bottom in.

I've got ideas for using this type of crochet for items to sell in my shop too. 

Talking of Hooky Delights I'd been commissioned to create a set of six coasters from a photo sent to me.  I had to wing it from the photo; but since found the pattern:  its 1893 Circle Motif Reworked by Sandi Marshall and is available on Ravelry and About.Com.   Happily my creation is almost identical, except I use 9 trebles in the fans not 6 as in the pattern.

A set of 6 is £7 + pp and a set of 4 is £5 + pp 
Contact me on Hooky Delights if you'd like a set or email me at joxy34@gmail.com

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