Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Hooky Galore

Gotta love a bit of hooky fun:
Love these freeform roses, I could resist adding some bead bling to these two.  (Sold)

I love this Alice headband, I hooked it as a birthday present - Rye graciously modelling.
A commission for a cape/cloak for a 7yr old.

Going camp later this week, and it's gone from being hot summer weather to Autumal with a distinct nip in the air (of course!).  So a big snugly snood is necessary.  I'm using the divine Aurcania azapa yarn - this is pure pleasure between even my fingers, a wee ooopsie, in compensating for my dreads, I've made this too long really, so it's going to be a mixed colour snood now, as I only have 200g of yarn in purple left, and I reckon I'll need at least another 200g.

Boot cuffs - for the shop.  These are popular still, so I thought I'd come up with my own design.
I may even write out the pattern.  

Fancy a bargain?  As these are testers, and the yarn is an unknown charity shop find - feels acrylic, I'm offering them for a mere £5+pp.  These can be worn with either the lace peeking over the top of the boots, or the ribbing - which can also be turned over the top of the boot too.
Email me if you want them :-). These fit a calf circumference of 10-12in and are 7in long.

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