Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Home Ed Camp

We were very snug, I took my duvet, and gosh we were toasty!

All the kids had a go with my fire steel, trying to light cotton wool.  Rye persisted until he had it down pat,so when I built the fire the next day, he lit it :-)
Cheat digestive cheese cakes, the kids loved making and stuffing their faces with these.
The play tent in the background was ahit - tho the kids spent most of their time exploring the thicket of trees that surrounds the campsite, or rolling down hills.

Rye built an assault course down at the communal fire circle.
And hail to the Bonfire tripod.  I love it, it really saved the camp, one day was quite chilly, so the fire was very welcome, plus of course it meant M and myself could cook together.  I even cooked in the dark one evening - a mishmash of vegetables with noodles halloumi, steak and turkey - and for the adults, ( after we'd served the kids), a chilli and garlic sauce added to the veg and noodls - yum,!!!!

Overall, the weather wasn't a problem; the last night was a bit hairy, gale force winds and driving rain.  M's tent and the family camping with us, had flexi poles, so the gusts would flatten the tent, then it would spring back up - the kids tho found it scary,  so M and her brood piled into my tent.  The other family choose to sleep in their large people carrier.

All the tents survived the night, I was concerned about the bell tent, the pressure on the middle pole must have been enormous,  I put the cool box and heavier items alongside the wall getting a battering, to try and give it some strength, risky as it could have meant the canvas leaked, and there was some wee puddles in dips around the very edge of the tent, but very minor, and we all stayed dried and warm. 

It was an adventure, in the morning we grinned at each other and proclaimed ourselves hardy extreme weather campers 

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