Saturday, 5 October 2013

The End is Neigh

I am weary.  The packing and now cleaning is still ongoing, the end is neigh, and moving day begins to tentatively loom.

I am conscious I am going from a house to 3 rooms, and I look around and wondered if there's still too much - the skip is full though, and the wooden toys have been decimated; either sold or passed on.   And I remind myself those boxes are quite small.. And I may be moving into 3 rooms; the size of those rooms means I'll have about the same amount of space as I do now (maybe even a bit more) Plus the communal areas - oh how I will appreciate those communal areas, and a large house where the noise children make becomes a joyful playful racket, and not an ear splitting din.  Oh yes, that will be wonderful, and housemates, ooh I'm looking forward to having housemates.

As a single parent, it can get a bit lonely, and there can be days and days without talking to another adult.  Even more exciting, the ethos is social change, I am looking forward to non children related topics ;-)

Looking forward to new knowledge, new friendships, to city living, to a whole new way of living.

The end is neigh, with exciting prospects :-) 

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