Monday, 4 November 2013

Autumnal Makes & Samhain Celebrations.

In between settling in, unpacking, work weekends, I have been hooking autumnal garlands.  A couple for orders and one for a giveaway, that the lovely Laura won.

 The classic wall hanging, in Autumnal reds, oranges, purples, and a little green.
 This was the give away garland, falling leaves, toadstools, and owl and pumpkin.  I really like this, and will probably make myself a similar one.

This is the other order, 4 owls and tumbling leaves.  Again I really like this one.  The owl pattern is the old faithful one by The Hat and I on Etsy, and the leaves are the Irish motif leaves.
And this is one of the panels for the commissioned cloak for a 7yr old girl.  I love this colourway, it's James C Brett, Marble Chunky,p MC8.  I'm doing panels to attempt to match up the subtle striping, as crochet doesn't always create the striping like knitting will.

In other news it was Samhain the other day, and a lovely celebration was had.  Chris's parents came over and decorated a few windows in the event's room;
The kids had a grand time.

 And we had a bonfire too, once the kids had gone to bed, I made an offering to the ancestors, and everyone around the fire participated.  To share Samhain, enjoy a feast together, was wonderful.  And then we stayed up ridiculously late consuming alcoholic beverages.

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