Sunday, 27 October 2013

Museum of Liverpool.

Saturday, Clare and Chris invited Rye and myself to join them for vegan brunch in town, and then
to mosey on to the Museum of Liverpool.  So, we did.
I have to say I was incredibly suprised just how "eggy" scrambled tofu is.  I'm not generally
a big tofu fan, but I did like that!

Rye loved playing on the various bits of ship dotted around the Docks.
I foresee many an afternoon spent down at the Docks exploring.

The Museum of Liverpool was great, we only saw a very small part of it.  Rye was entranced by
The Lion, a steam engine and watched several of the short films, while chatting to an
elderly gentleman, sat next to us.
We also went into the children's play area, there was a model of the river, with the docks,
cars going through the tunnel (if you turned the twizzly thing.. which of course, Rye did) and water to play with.  Happy as Larry!
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A fair bit of walking was done, at least for me... and I was very excited that I was on my feet for hours, and walked the approx mile, from the pub/cafe we ate our vegan brunch, to the museum... admittedly my feet and knee hurt quite a bit once we arrived, nonetheless I did it.  I'm looking forward to increasing my fitness levels more and more.  Mind, after the museum, I was gasping for a drink, my feet burning and knee aching, so I opted for a taxi back home.... to be greeted with vegan buns with chocolate icing.

My initial wobble about setting foot outside of the grounds of Rose Howey, firmly squashed.

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