Thursday, 7 November 2013

Forest School, Cathedral and Hooky.

Woke to a glorious day, beautiful blue skies and warm sunshine; a clear invitation to venture down to the allotments for Forest School.

 Fire was built, sticks found, there was planting, running around, poking, exploring, tree climbing; wonderful time.  I even got a little hooky in!

Ooh and while Rye was at his dad's yesterday I popped out to the bank and saw this:
One of the cathedrals.  Isn't it weird; a kind of spaceship crown.  I must say I much prefer the old grand cathedrals.  Still, it is very dramatic.

As I've mentioned, RH House is a bit drafty, and my feet aren't kindly disposed to drafts, so hooking up a pair of socks seemed in order.  In the past I've just hooked a tube, which I've then added ribbing to.  This time I decided to have a go at the heel.  I used a free pattern from Ravelry - Crochet Socks by Marleen Hartog.  A very simply way of creating the heel.  A note to beginners - this is a translated pattern, and it's really more of a guide on how to create the socks, rather than a stitch by stitch pattern.  It is easy enough, but it does assume you can make adjustments as required yourself.
Anyhoos, these are the socks I made; using the yarn Sarah from Arwen Makes sent me as a house warming gift.  Wool with bamboo, wonderfully soft and warm.

I've got nearly a full ball left; so I think I shall see if I can get another pair made for Rye.
The back of the commissioned cloak is finished too, so just the two side/front panels and the hood to go.  It's hooking up much, much quicker than anticipated.

In other news, we have a busy few days to look forward to.  On the Liverpool HE list someone has organised a discount at a place called Underwater Street which apparently is a big indoor space with craft spaces, dance/music spaces, water play spaces, climbing wall, a real car to paint and play in etc... sounds a fab place, and then come the weekend I really want to finish off the unpacking, and with any luck the big rug I've ordered for Rye's room (£40 from Merchant chandler, bargain!),  will have arrived by then too, so I can really sort his room for him, and make it a nice space to hang out in.

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