Thursday, 28 November 2013

Eeep, where's November gone?

It has been a busy month, Radical Routes Gathering, work weekends for the co-op, visiting friends, co-op hosting a radical film night, drumming, general day to day living, hooky for a craft fair in a few days (eek, not enough hooky tho!), and working on orders.

Refreshments upon arriving at our destination.  Look at the size of that teacake!! 
A walk in the crisp coldness.
Exploration, poor Talia though was not happy, possibly constipation making her very sad and uncomfortable.
All too soon it was time to come home.

Ooooh, mind, look my yarn club yarn.  I adore rainbow yarn!  Naturally staying with Sarah, I could not resist buying more... I shall take some photos later.
Really cracking on with this cloak.  Bottom panels and hood complete, shoulder shaping, and edging then finished. 
Home Ed Group, Gap is a fantastic kids play area, with a wonderful outdoors play area, swings, zip wires, sandpit etc, and indoors there is a sports hall, soft play and a fantastic art room!  Here Rye was playing with colour theory; he spent ages mixing different colours to see what happens.

The upper part of the play area.

And this is the dragon at Prince's Park.  Blooming cold, but good to be out, plus charity shop finds - **squeee**. A pop up Dr Who book for Rye, and 3 large pink cones of yarn, which will be fab for my Wool Against Weapons group :-)

Right I need to get on with hooking.


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