Sunday, 15 December 2013

Galloping toward Yule.

At least it certainly feels like that!

So very busy, house commitments, hooky, home edding, general parenting, a big ole cauldron full of activity.

Our usual count down to Yule with crafting activities and trips is rather lacking this year.
No panto, the one I planned to take Rye to has no suitable dates left.  I'm considering. "Rock and roll panto" for once Rye is back from his dad's, (he's going for 4 nights this year).   And trying to fit in crafting activities around House commitments, hooky, home ed, the odd days of illness/pj do nothing days and time is fast getting away from me.

There has been some seasonal crafting/activities:

Setting up the new train.  Fraction of the cost of the "Christmas tree" train that didn't last 24hrs, and provided just as much awe and wonder for Rye.

The lovely Tracy from Button Beautiful, made me an elf for Rye, (saving me a job).  Rye has named the elf, "Train", and loves him lots.

 Paper chains, for the tree this year.

Colouring in snowmen.

The youngest member of RH turned 2, so there was a snow party for her, glittery shaving cream snow, and pepperminty, shimmery play dough I made for her.  Rye had a marvellous time playing with the play dough.

And of course there has been hooky too:

Construction of hexagon slippers.  These took longer than anticipated to make, but ooooh, the finished slippers are gorgeous.  I just hope they fit!   I'll post finished pics once they have been received. 

The Pom pom baubles proved fairly popular, I've enjoyed making them, and have quite a few ideas buzzing around my head for projects for Hooky Delights, which I'm planning to change the focus of a little when I re-open for business in January.  But more on that in another post:-)

My box of delights, I love these little pretties!  Need more ;-)
Ooh, and the chocolate orange snowmen have done quite well, I am beginning to get a little snowmanned out now - mind two winter garlands to complete by the 18th, and one features snowmen, I am very excited though, it should look absolutely fantastic.

More baubles, late night drinkies, and a growing fluff pile on my rug from trimming these little beauties.

Last night, I fancied a bit of leisure crochet, and began the hood for my caplet:



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