Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 in Crochet.

It's been an eclectic year for crochet:

Lots of Pentacles:
 Water bottles, market bag and a wee owl pouch:

 Oh, interesting, just two blankets.  I really thought I'd hooked more - I guess the mammoth kingsize blanket made it feel like more.
 Broaches.  I really like these little pretties, sadly they don't sell particularly well tho :-(
 Hats and a cowl.  I love the pixie type hats, and since discovering pom pom making using the clover kits... hehehehe pom poms galore.

Slippers and socks; I decided to learn how to do a heel for crochet socks, and omg, so easy! I love the hexagon slippers too; although they take a surprising long time to hook.  If I make more I'll definitely need to charge more.

 Dread cuffs.  I plan to make more of these, and hopefully sell at festivals in the summer.
 Ahh my freeform skirt; such fun to make.  There will be lots more freeform items in 2014.
 Flowery hair clips and hair bands.  Very pretty, I love making flowers.
 Ahh playing with vintage motifs and hearts, lots of fun.
Pretty wee Goddess.  She was lovely to make; I did have plans for more goddess; maybe in 2014.
A commission that had me giggling as I hooked it....

Garlands/bunting galore.  Owls were very popular, I'm moving on in 2014, new designs rattling around in my head.

Boot cuffs - I have plans for more boho type cuffs for 2014....
Chocolate oranges covered by a crochet snowman; so cute!  And the pom pom baubles, I sold a LOT of these.  I have since bought the entire range of clover pom pom makers, as I have lots of new designs floating around my head incorporating pom poms.

Latest finished project, Iron man hand warmers for Rye.  Supposedly for his birthday, but it's only a few days away and his hands need the warmth... besides he saw them and wanted them NOW :-)  Loved hooking these in Rico Essential 100% wool.  Beautiful yarn to work with, and made hooking these gloves a breeze.   Should I make Iron man hand warmers again, I'll definitely do the hand section in the round to avoid sewing of seams.... not a fan... besides the decreases will work better in the round.
The commissioned cloak - a steam ahead now as it must be finished and couriered by Saturday (4th?) so it's in time for the little girl's birthday.    And my capelet; almost finished, just a few more rounds on the hood, but until the cloak is finished it's on hold.

I have another two garland orders too, winter themed, one is virtually made - but again, priority is the cloak... once the garlands are complete no more commissions for a while, I really, really, really want to get these ideas in my head on paper, and then translated into hookiness!

2014 will be my first year as a full time hooker... it's going to be an interesting year and exciting to see where Hooky Delights goes and becomes.   It's gonna be a wild ride :-)

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