Saturday, 28 December 2013

Almost over.

Another year almost over, and almost a 7th birthday for my son.

Seven years, how can he only be 3 years from double digits?  How can this boy, who has lived with me all this time still be a bit of a mystery.  Just as I think I know him, he changes, he grows.  Yet he is mine, and I'm his, and for now that remains true, one day, not so very far away, that will change, as it should..but for now, I'm holding on.

Today, he arrived back home after an extended Christmas break with his dad.  The longest he's ever being away from home, and oh how my heart ached for him, and missed his chatter, cuddles and demands to play tickle.  I am pleased to discover he's enjoyed a full on Christmas surrounded by his paternal family.  Blessing after our Yule was so low key because of the flu.  The bloody flu.

My perspective is Yule was ruined.  Rye, however, is happy enough, he received fab gifts, he played, had fun, we cuddled, I did as much play as I could muster while feeling like death.  Still, not the Yule I had planned.  We were suppose to travel back South on the 19th and stay with our friends until the 23rd.  
Rye was struck down with illness after Yule, and it looked touch and go as to whether he'd be visiting his dad.  He slept for 24hrs, fever, sweating; and then with the resilience of children, he full of beans again.  The storms meant that his father came and picked him up a day earlier than planned too.
Christmas Day, I was still ill, but definitely on the mend.  I managed to come down stairs and enjoy my first vegan Christmas Dinner with my housemates.  I was very pleasantly surprised; the dinner was delicious, and afterwards we sat in the communal lounge and watched christmassy films; until finally Dr Who was on Iplayer.  Oh how I missed my boy at that point. 

Still, he's back today, and now it's just regaining my strength, and excitement builds as I plan for his birthday.
Food is ordered, vegan sausage rolls, spring rolls, wedges, rice and pasta salad, dips, biscuits and an iron man cake.  I have cheated and ordered an icing topper - although it's unlikely to arrive in time, as until today I had no idea such a thing existed... so just in case I've ordered yellow and red icing so I can make him an iron man mask cake.

My biggest excitement is when he sees his main gift set up.  
With any luck he will be chuffed to bits.

Right best go, fan on this laptop is going nuts, so I expect the machine will shut down any moment.  (sigh)

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