Friday, 14 February 2014


Hey up me lovelies! I am so excited to show off recent makes; including a fabulous new range I'll be adding to the shop soon! Mind, the joy dimmed a wee bit when I looked at the CE certification paperwork. Oh my, there's BURNING people, BURNING! Sobs. On the plus side, it does mean my makes will be safe for the kiddywinks - which of course is all important!

But first, latest makes:  I can't remember if I showed you the fabulous leaf poncho I made for one of my housemates' mother.  So if I have, oops..but hey its worth another outing :-)

The photo really doesn't do this patter or yarn justice - it was utterly beautiful, and took a lot to give it to my housemate.  I so wanted to keep this beauty!

We had another birthday, and this time the birthday girl requested pink wrist warmers.  I also added an earwarmer head band.   Really chuffed with this, I must make some more for the shop!  The headwarmer looked stunning worn.

I've finally completed the Winter and Spring Garlands.  I lost the mojo a bit, and just didn't like the spring garland, so frogged everything and started again.  I am now insanely chuffed with it... and again the photos just don't do it justice; but unfortunately the light is rubbish so these are the best photos I could get.
Pre-strung; flowers blocked and all ready for putting together.  Incidentally, a tip for blocking structural crochet, I used spray starch; first I pinned out the daffs and then sprayed liberally with spray starch, before drying with a hot hairdryer.  The snowdrops I also sprayed and then teased into shape as they dried.

And strung... TADDAAAH, gawd I love this spring garland so much.  I'll be making a couple to add to the shop, including adding wire stems to create individual flowers that can be popped in a vase.  My own season table is demanding some pretty daffs and snowflakes!
 Isn't the wee bird utterly beautiful!  Soooo love this wee bird, designed by Lucy at Attic 24.  I have made it slightly differently, this is very small, so I used yellow felt for the beak, and then more felt for the wing, with beads glued on.  I really like the effect.

And finally hung up.  So pretty.  I just wish I could have got better photos to truly show these off!
And the winter garland is beyond cute!
 (sorry for the photo quality)
These were a lot of fun to make, just so sweet.  Rye has asked me to make him a pom pom snowman.

Would you like to see my work space?  I love my wee desk in front of my living room window.  I have shelving units to the side, holding yarns I tend to use most, including beads, felt, buttons, and I look out onto the side part of our garden.  Rose Howey is surrounded by trees, a wonderful treat, from the boring street and house brick view I had back at Firs Lane.  I can watch the squirrels' acrobatics, listening to the clucking of the hens and happily construct away.

Those hats, have I showed them, gosh, it's been so long I can't remember, so what the heck, just in case.  I am very proud of these hats too - or rather head huggers, great for dreads and long hair!
 This one is made with hand dyed merino, and is gorgeous.
And this, which is my favourite, is made with James C Brett's Monsoon.  So gorgeous.  I really wanted to keep this, but I forced myself to list it on Etsy.   I get to gaze a wee while longer at it, before the right person comes along and falls in love with it and buys.
Other makes were sweet wee booties for an online friend's twins, whose poor tootsies were cold:
 Lovely snuggly pure wool yarns, should keep those gorgeous little toes toastie!

And finally, my own new design TAADDDDAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH:
 Gnome House Night Light.  So cute.  I have lots of different designs in mind.  This one, the prototype, as it were, was included in the Green Parent Forum Season Swap, by all accounts well received :-)
I used some thick, home spun brown wool, I had hoped it would be thick and sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the roof; but not quite, so I did have to stuff inside of the house with wax proof paper and liberally apply stiffener to the walls.  I plan to experiment to with felting yarn, and using different types of support - but a few other ideas, which would entail re-using glass jars and clear plastic containers.
The light source is supplied by the LED tea light, these ones flicker like a candle, and really do produce a lovely ambiance

I'd love to know your thoughts on the gnome house

And just finally, a wee pic of the entire GP Season Swap that I made for my recipient:

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