Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas 2008

Yule and Christmas this year has been magical. N staying was wonderful and the little 'un certainly enjoyed all the attention. Christmas morning was great, after opening a few gifts at Yule, the little 'un had the idea when it came to opening presents and went at it with great gusto. Then once I'd made bread sauce and mammoth brownies to take over to J's, we all decanted there for Christmas dinner, cooked beautifully by J's mum. Cor, I had christmas dinner cooked for me it was such a treat!.

Anyway here's a few more photos:

This is the train set that N and set up Christmas eve for the little 'un..with a couple glasses of wine to help things along. I think we probably had more fun than the little 'un did on Christmas Day.

At this point he was opening presents, putting it aside and then pointing for the next one.... little monster lol.

He got such a stash of stuff; the trains and train sets, several large trains (non track ones), wooden lorry animal sorter, garage and cars, wooden toy bikes, puzzles, books, chalks, a huge cuddly moose, wooden sandwich making stuff, wood bread, jam, salami etc so cute! Wooden house sorter, cup, bowl and plate to paint, little baking set, christmassy threading stuff the list goes on. Bless my friends, with what they got him on top of what I'd picked up he was spoilt rotten.

Oh and I have to share this photo...... we'd made christmas tree cookies and when my back was turned......

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