Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Words, words glorious words

After secretly and not secretly worrying about my little 'uns lack of words he is finally starting to become talkative. I want to keep track of the words he's using, so he goes:

Noooooooooooooo (oh he does such a plaintative "no", bless him)
Joosh (juice)
Moosh (Moose)
Beer (yes beer - I believe his adopted granddad taught him that on Christmas day!)
Oh Dear
waa waa (quack quack)
woooorrr (roar - like a lion)
wee wee (both for a pee and going round corners and roundabouts in the car or bus lol)

There are others but I can't for the life in me recall them at the mo, so I'll add as they are uttered. The conversational "uh, uh, uh, uh" is still prominent and he does like to sing and make noises. He sat with J the other night and the v'tec teddy, Alfie and J pressed the alphabet buttons in order and said the sound after Alfie and the little 'un copied, which is giant leap forward. Since moving here I've noticed him copying so much more, gestures, sounds, words, facial expressions etc. All good stuff, although he has a definite bias to my request of "use words please" cue big feelings. I suspect its this asserting independence business as most requests are met with a plaintative "Noooooooooooooooooooooo" at present and much pulling of faces.

He has become incredibly helpful too, he puts his beaker on the side, when he's finished eating, he will pick up his plate and give it to me. He closes drawers and doors - not always conveniently, nontheless, he is a helpful chappy. Not bad with a sweeping brush either!


Claire said...

It is so wonderful watching them acquire language, I am always amazed by it. Keep a record, as some of the words are so fantastic, if you are anything like us, they will be adopted into family speak anyway!

Joxy said...

Yes and my friend and I discovered we really need to be careful what we say around him too as he's really taking off with the copying at the moment.... anyway we were giggling and make some innuendos (he was on the piano at the other end of the room) and my friend said "Dirty Girl" in an american accent and tl'u copied her, accent and all.... oh how we laughed..but yes highlighted the need to be wary what one says in within the distance of little ears.