Thursday, 21 May 2009


Picnic, 2litre bottle filled with organic diluted orange squash, bucket and spade, camera, phone and hand towel & suncream packed, almost out the door when my mobile rang. A lady who lives in Ashford and is planning to HE her children called to arrange a meet up as Rye is of a similar age to her children. Very pleased because it will be nice to make contact with other HE familes and build up a social group for Rye. We are going to meet up next Friday at the Coastal park.

Rye, it has to be said, was not best pleased at this interruption, but once we were off he was happy :) There were only a few families at the beach so plenty of running around space without me having to warn him to be careful of others.

I adore the beach it is a marvellous place, inititally I was wary because of the sea, but Rye has a large dose of warriness regarding sea and also having now observed many other families with young children; most young kiddies just want to dig in the sand make sandcastles or big pits to hide in, which is making me feel a little more optimistic about taking minded children to the beach once I'm registered (sigh, wish Ofsted would hurry up!).

Anyhoos, beach was great, Rye had loads of fun, running in and out of the arches, rolling in the sand and digging, and destroying the numerous sand castles I "built" for him. I tried to encourage him to paddle in the sea, but he came half way across the sand before dropping my hand and turning tail and legging it back up the beach.

He flirted outrageously with 2 little girls too. For a little while I'd moved us under the arches because the sun was getting very warm; the sand though was very dry so after a while we moved further down the beach were it was better for making sand castles. Rye, sat in the sand, and began to sidle up to 2 little girls, playing in a pit they had dug out. Once he was sat right up next to them he began to seranade them. My sides nearly split with laughing, and the girls seemed to find it amusing too. (They looked 3 or 4 years old). They weren't nearly so amused when he ran off with their spade though.


Mother of four said...

How lucky you are to live so near to the beach! Seems like you both had a good day.

Naomi said...

Lovely pictures :)

Becki said...

Love the pix. I wish we lived near a beach!