Friday, 22 May 2009

Mellow Friday.

Well, for most of it anyway.
Began the day with getting the lounge and kitchen in some semblance of order. Remembered I'd bought some organic cereal so Rye had that for breakfast with organic milk.
A lady from freecycle dropped off some kilner jars for me which I'm dead chuffed with :) Not quite sure what I'll do with them all as I'm not a big pickle or jam maker but I@m sure I'll find a use for them.

I was also suppose to pick up a rotary washing line but I couldnt'f ind the street; I'll try again tomorrow as the washing pile is becoming truly frightening, plus I'm rapidally running out of underware and Rye hasn't any clean trousers - eek.

Its been lovely here, the wind as has been a little chilly, but for the most part lovely and sunny so most of the day has been spent in the garden. Rye is becoming rather adapt at kicking a ball now so many a hour spent throwing and kicking the various balls around with him, I even sneaked a bit of a read on the sun lounger in too. Came indoors around twenty to six as it was getting cold. Tea was rolls, banana and it would have been pineapple too 'cept the little man fell asleep. So I woke him up and took him upstairs for a length bath and the dread hair wash. Boy he squealed. I've noticed he's got a lot of dry skin on his scalp; very similar to when he was a newborn so I'm thinking I'm gonna have to get some baby shampoo so I can wash his hair properly (I just wet it now as its self cleaning) and then rub some olive oil in. After the bath, cleaned his teeth, which thankfully he's fine about now so no more running around the bedroom after him with a toothbrush and then a story and "booobs" and into dreamland. Ahhh bliss.

And now I'm going to read some more of Kath Reich's "Break no Bones" novel. I'm loving her style but it is taking some getting use to the novel Tempe over the tv series Tempe from "Bones", very different characters, so it's a little jarring. I'm glad I came to the books after seeing the series though; I think I might have been highly irritated with the changes otherwise; as it is I love "Bones" and find it hilarious. The books are great though, very absorbing.

The not so mellow bit was trying to get in touch wtih Medway Council again; their helpline is a joke, completely automated and impossible to get through to speak to an actual person. I had left a message the other day asking them to call me,, as I'd given up trying to work out how to get to speak to someone; today I couldnt' find the option that allowed me to do that. GRRR I'm just gonna pay the damn thing it's more hassle than it's worth.


lilac73 said...

I've read all the books so it's going to be interesting to see what I think of the show when I finally get time to sit down and watch it

Joxy said...

Try not to compare, the TV Series "Bones" is completely different from the books, all the screenwriters have kept really is the the name of the character and her profession, everything else is different; although if you can get into it the interplay between the "Squints" and Booth and the sexual tension between Booth and "Bones" (Tempe) is excellent; there are some really funny lines and Zack, Tempe's assistant is fabulous.

I've just picked up DeJa Dead which I'm lookiing forward to reading :)