Sunday, 24 May 2009

Cream Crackered.

Gosh, I so am. It's been a long day; up at 6am out the door at 7:30am to carboot sales in Hythe. Very productive though, got Rye a ride on car for the garden, even though I'm buying second hand and in all probablity saving these items going to landfill, I can't help feeling a little guilty for buying plastic, even though it is the most practical for the garden, especially as my shed is small and pretty full already.

I also got him a fantastic set of bookcases for his bedroom; primary colours and made to look like pencils and also a couple of rugs. I also picked him up some more wooden train track, my thinking being this lot can be for downstairs the other stuff can stay up in his room, more dvds; these were actually the free ones that come with the daily mail; but there were a few post man pat and one's of that ilk and I like these type of dvds because they tend to only have a few episodes on a disc so don't last too long. I also picked him up a wooden train transporting a lion and elephant, and a wooden car. For myself I picked up a lovely red swervy bottle that I think I'll use for homemade bath salts, 3 more Kathy Reich books and a very handy cart thingy on wheels. (All the other buys were getting heavy and Rye was on my back too)

My bargain of the day though is from freecycle a large seagrass ottoman trunk for his toys - yah! It's a little battered but can't complain when it didn't cost me a penny. I'll take some photos later of the various buys, but for now I just want to sit and do sweet FA.

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