Friday, 19 June 2009

Solstice plans.

Yet another solstice to be celebrated with good friends, and yet more memories to be created. The year spent in Medway after the breakup with Rye's dad was lonely. I can't say I was miserable really because I was exceedingly glad to be free, but it wasn't fun either, and that year is enabling me to really appreciate the friends and life I now have here in Cheriton.

Me and Rye are staying over at Queenie's tomorrow night, which will be exciting for the little man as he'll be able to try out the Bob the Builder ready bed, I picked up for a song in a charity shop, and then early rising on Sunday to go down to the stone circle on the beach. Apparently the section is called the "Groin" because it's a manmade sea defense. It is a lovely area, with even a little bit of sand rather than all pebble. There are also some stunning chair sculptures down there. All of us in the Circle plan to meet down there and perform a little ritual, watch the sun rise, toast the sun and using salt dough and using natural objects make little sculptures that eventually will go back to sea as the tide comes in.

At the moment I'm trying to decide whether to take Rye down with us or leave him to sleep in the house with the boys. I kinda would like him to come I think, and if I take my mei tai he can be on my back all snug and if he wants go back to sleep he can.

Tomorrow I'll make the sun bread for the ritual and I'm thinking some muffins to take for an a pre-breakfast to eat on the pebbles might be nice too. I am really excited, I've come to really enjoy the impromtu rituals we do, it feels like we are making our own traditions and these are things I hope to pass to Rye as he grows into a man; along with the little magics, the bread made with warm intent and love, the muffins made with anticpation of the eating - little things that bring joy and warmth into a world that sometimes can seem very harsh. Even being in the kitchen with my boy, showing him how to make these foods is a magical event. The simple joy of being together, sharing an activity. Magic is a real force, but it also a state of mind too, it's the knowing, the loving, the being. It's walking on the land with awareness, love and a healthy respect. The earth is our mother, she nurtures us and the sky, the sun, winds, rain, the essence of life our father; the combination creating breathtaking beauty and sometimes intense fear and darkness; all a part of life, all to be celebrated and all to be respected.


Mel said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful Solstice planned....simple, for me, is always much more meaningful...

~Brightest Solstice Blessings to you and Rye~

mummybear said...

Beautiful post!