Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Up and out.

We both had doctor appointments this morning so we were out the door at 8:20am, we walk through the park to get onto the High Street, Rye was disappointed that we did'thave time to stop and have a play, so I promised he could on the way back.

First he experimented with running his police car down the slide - learning about gravity and of course, things with wheels go very fast down slides :)

Then as we slowly began to walk back home, he decided running around the bushes at the side of the path would be fabulous fun - and he got to see all the birds fly out of his way.

This was your average "Hurry up mummy" look.

As for the docs, it was fine, Rye is pigeon toed, so the doc has written him a referral to see whether it's marked enough to require correction. I did feel a bit bad because he got me to walk with Rye too and remarked that I'm pigeoned toed... thus looks like the poor lad has inherited it off me :(
Doctor also checked my ears and noted they are very congested and because the cannal in my ears tilts upwards they don't drain very well, hence the limited hearing. He's written me a referral for a hearing test to "see" just how bad it is.

It was actually rather nice to wake up and get out of the house early -although it wasn't required, my appointment was at 9:50 and Rye's at 10am, not 8.50 and 9am as I thought.. oops. Thankfully, we didn't have to wait till our appointments, the doctor managed to fit us in nicely - I'm assuming the swineflu is making people avoid surgeries and the like, because it was very quiet. Then we meandered back home, through the park, for toast with damson jam - yum.


Jax said...

our doctors was very quiet today as well, but so were swimming lessons - I assumed that lots of peeps are on holiday :)

Arlenkern74 said...

our docs surgery wasnt quiet when i went today :-(