Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Decluttering the Crochet bag.

Time is moving on with alarming alacrity, and to expediate the crochet projects I have in mind, I decided I need to declutter my crochet bag.  Firstly, I sorted out the yarn box, allowing me to see exactly what yarn I have to play with.  Then to get the crocheting juices, so to speak, flowing, I crocheted the toadstool and gnome.  A nice quick project tends to put me in the mood, I find. 

Last night I finished the cushion cover I started when my laptop's operating system became corrupted and had to be sent away to be fixed.  I'm really pleased with how it's turned out, and it does exactly what I had in mind.  Rye is a bouncy little boy, as boys are wont to be, and over the past year and half or so of him jumping on my arm chair, the seat at the side has begun to sink.  I bought this suite when I moved into the flat, it's a British Heart Foundation find and was getting on a bit then.  The "hole" was plugged by a cheap rolled up pillow, which did the job but wasn't particularly attractive, thus I decided to crochet a cover for it. 

Finishing this project means I feel like I can now crack on with the various crochet projects I have in mind for Yule:
  1. Hob for footstool.
  2. Pans
  3. Play food
  4. Skittles & ball
  5. Wrist Warmers
  6. Hats
  7. Scarves
Phew, my crochet hooks are going to be smoking lol.


Jax said...

looks fabulous. You are so creative!

shell said...

that looks great xx