Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Store cupboard bread.

We are currently living off my store cupboard until I next get my tax credits, which, fingers crossed, will be 3rd September - eeek.

For tea I decided to bake some bread and as I only had dregs here and there of different flours, I bunged it all in together and omg, the rolls are lovely, so tasty!

This is what I did:

150g of Rye flour
300g of wholewheat flour (strong)
200g of strong white flour
150g of plain white flour
1pint of warmed water with a generous tsp of dark brown sugar
1tbsp of dried yeast (type that reconstitutes in water)
2 tbsp of skimmed dried milk powder
handfull of saseme seeds
handfull of hemp seeds

Yeast to the sugar water for 10 mins or so until frothy
mix the flours and seeds together with seasoning to preference (I like quite a bit of pepper)
Add the yeast/sugar water and blend together, knead. Leave to prove for about an hour or so.
Knock back, shape into a thick rectangle and then slice down so you have four long pices of dough, and then cut each strand into 4 shape into balls, flatten only slightly and then add to the bakng tray, all touching and bake. I baked them for just over 20mins at 180 - however my fan oven is very keen indeed.. I wouldn't be suprised at all if it's hotter than that.

Very yummy, and went very nice with the homemade damon jam I got from freecycle the other day and a jar of peanut butter I found at the back of the cupboard :)

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arwen_tiw said...

Sounds brill! Most of my bread is storecupboard bread lol, a third spelt, a third multi-seed flour (love the Dove Farm one), a third whatever else I can find, often with some porridge oats to make up the weight haha.