Monday, 12 October 2009


Bit more positive this sunny Monday.  In part because Liz pointed me in the direction of the Kent and London Yahoo HE group and through there I've discovered a couple of familes in Folkestone who HE and we're talking of meeting up.  One of the ladies is looking to start up a Folkestone group too :)
There is also a Canterbury HE group to which I'm receiving an invite, so on the HE front, it's all looking more positive.  Even the KAL (Kent and London) group do quite a bit down this way, so I've asked for the activity list. 

Starting to feel a bit more present with Rye too and there less of  "mardy mum", I've been whinging and whining worst than he can!  Funnily enough, it was playing catch with Rye yesterday that started to bring back the enjoyment of spending time with him.  He loved playing catch, and throws beautifully - he can't catch yet, mind, he nearly caught the ball a few times.  I think accepting co-sleeping again has helped too. 

After coming back from his dad's, Rye hasn't been keen on sleeping in his room at all.  He has slept in there, after much crying and hysterics and so I let him back in with me.  It was gruding though and as such I harboured quite a bit of resentment.  Shifting my perspective has helped a lot.  Having him in with me is a lot less stressful for both of us.  He doesn't scream his head off, I don't get fed up and shout and feel all resentful toward him and bedtime is no longer a battle.   I'm even beginning to enjoy our bedsharing again, especially the big grin I receive in a morning when he's leaning over me to let me know he wants me to turn over so he can have "boobies", which, he kisses "morning boobies,"  lol, the things littley's do eh.

Sleeping well last night has improved my mood no end either.  For nights I've been struggling to shut my brain off and let go of the wishful daydreams so I could drift into proper deep sleep.  Last night it happened, and oh the clarity and mood enhancement a decent night sleep brings.

Anyway, we've had lunch, Abel and Cole delivery has arrived, so I've decided as it's a nice sunny Autumn day we'll wander down to a local park and explore a bit.  Michel from Pumpkins and Toadstools had posted some photos of a walk she took for her Mabon celebrations and it turns out that it is a park not far from where we live, and there's a whole section to the park I didn't know existed.  Hoping to meet up with Michel to go for a proper walk soon, but for this afternoon I thought a little exploration with a very energetic and noisy little boy was just the ticket to keep mama sane and retain the improving mood!


Arlenkern74 said...

glad your feeling more positive xx will have to do some research for he groups near me too xx

Liz said...

Glad to be of service!