Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Cream Crackered.

Until the mum arrived, I was expecting a phone call informing me she'd changed her mind, lol, well considering the luck I've had up to date..  But nope, pretty much bang on 8:30am the mum arrived with her daughter :-) 

I had parcels to post so a trip to the postoffice was in order. The trip highlighted some changes I need to make.  Foremost, I'm going to buy a latch for the back gate, presently, it just has bolts on one side, so if I go out that way I can't close the gate after me.  A latch will ensure the logistics of getting a toddler and a smaller toddler in a pushchair out of the door FAR, FAR easier.  Why the folks who hung the front door thought it was a good idea to have it opening on the side the lounge door is situated I have no idea - basically, this means I can't pop my mindee in the pushchair inside the house and then go out, have to put chair out, her in it, then add bags, while all the while keeping an eye on my little man.

A lot, lot more practise with Rye with stopping and waiting when I ask him to.  On the way home he ran out into the road, and  he deliberately ignored me and ran round corners laughing etc, and he knows he's suppose to stay within sight and stop and wait when I call out "stop" (I play a game with him called Stop and Go, normally works a treat).  Still, first day with mindee, and he was showing off a bit so hopefully things will calm down... he did eventually walk calmly and held onto the side of the pushchair (lol mind I'd looped his reins over the pushchair handle so he couldn't run off). 

He was also very thoughtful toward; um, can't keep calling her mindee lol, we'll call her "poppet", and showed a great deal of concern for her.  In the post office line, she began to get a little restless and Rye told me she was crying and needed "carry" :-) Bless him.  He also held onto her hand a lot and kept leaning in to give her kisses,making her giggle :-)

He has been a trooper, I'm very proud of him.  Although, being AP with two little ones is going to take some practise!  I found myself spending a lot of time instructing Rye and being a little sharp occasionally with him, I was a bit concerned he would overwhelm her a little with all the attention, rather than just letting her explore and get use to the setting.  In the main though, he was wonderfully empathic toward her, very kind and,considering he's not had to really share anything of his before, he was pretty darn wonderful - lol, although he did tell her to get down at one point when she came over a cuddle ;-)

Naptime was a little difficult.  I could see Poppet needed a nap, however trying to make Rye understand that he needed to eithe stay in my room and watch a dvd while I settled her OR go down stairs and play,w asn't easy, and he kept coming in and disturbing her, or he would cry.  Eventually, he went downstairs and fell asleep on the sofa.  Poppet finally fell asleep after I snuggled down with her and cuddled her in my arms.  She didn't sleep long; but considering she doesn't know me from adam, and my house is completely unfamiliar to her, I thought she did really well.

Poppet, bless her, demonstrated she really doesn't like me to go into another room and shut the doors (glass ones, so she can still me, in, for example, the kitchen), so another stairgate is in order.  Does mean I won't be able to shut the kitchen door when its on (yep, the walls are THAT thin), but it will make life a bit easier.

In all a great day, wow, I'm shattered though lol.


Roof said...

Yay - jolly well done and congratulations on your first day!

willow81 said...

So pleased that it went well, great news that you have a 'mindee'. xx

Earthmummy xx said...

Yay :D Well done x

Cave Mother said...

Congratulations that it's all up and running.

Naomi said...

:) Really great news hun and glad it went so well too! xxx