Thursday, 10 December 2009

Christmas Party.

Firstly, very annoyed with myself, I forgot my camera!  Particularly annoyed because it was Rye's first Christmas Party.

The toddler party was great, Rye had a fantastic time, he particularly enjoyed the food, a LOT of sweet stuff.  Poppet seemed to really enjoy the party too and tucked into her food, (just savoury for her).  The magician was a big hit with the kiddies and Santa was a bit mute today lol.  It was my ex-childminder's daughter, she did really well and the kids loved their pressies.  The party didn't cost a thing - well apart from the wee presents for each child the parents brought with them.  And ok it was bog standard kiddy party food - i.e. looks of junk but then, as my whole philosophy is based on everything in moderation; I didn't fret and just let him tuck him - with gusto I add lol.

After the party we then walked down to Kids Planet, Rye wanted carrying, so I popped him on my back and pushed Poppet in the buggy - hehe, wish it was the other way round, she is sooo light.  A great time was had at Kids Planet too, first hour I played with poppet and just followed her around to observe how she was getting on.  She's a bright spark, bless her, very sociable and friendly with a lovely sunny nature.  It was very cute watching her follow Rye around and much to my suprise he did sort of "take care" of her.  I expected him to run off and play with the other HE kids - and sure he did, but he did keep coming back to check on her. 

Shattered again - lol at this rate I won't be suprised if the weight drops off me; I'm so busy running after my charge and Rye that, apart from a few nibbles at the party I'd not eaten until I got home - which was lovely sweet potatoe casserole, which Poppet seemed to really enjoy too.

Bath tonight, I ache lol.  I hate to admit it, but Rye is really getting to heavy for me now.  It feels fine when he's on my back, later though I do ache, particularly my lower back, which I have problems with anyway.  So yeah, I think I may need to look into a double buggy.

A full day - tomorrow we are staying close to home and chilling. 


September said...

Glad you had such a lovely party and congratulations on the new childminding job :-)

Joxy said...

Thank you :-) Loving it!