Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Yes the winter vomitting bug struck.  Rye started Saturday night, and in the process every item of clean bedding I own was sicked upon :-(  I did rather hope it was just he'd eaten too much, as we did stuff ourselves on pizza hut pizza in celebration of the trial period being successful with my minded child, and the mum signing a contract to start on 4th January.

Sunday I woke feeling rather dodgy too; at first again thought too much pizza, it can sometimes have deleterious effects on my innards.  Around 1ish though the sick feeling started and the sense of dread hit - I knew at that point it was that vile horrible bug.  I don't ever recall getting this damn thing when I was a kid, indeed I don't recall getting it until I spent my first Xmas in Scotland with a man who was to become my husband, back in 1999.  Since then it's been a fairly regular annual occurance and I hate it with a passion.  Moreso, I am a single parent - at least in the past it had the decency to hit at nighttime, so by the morning at least the vomitting part was over.   This time it hit during the day, initially I was laid on the sofa downstairs trying to explain to Rye that mummy was sick because he wanted me to play "castles" with him.  I wish I'd had my camera to hand he built some beautiful castles out of some coloured foam blocks.

I must have commented at one point I was cold, because Rye disappeared upstairs then came clunking down with his duvet and valiently tried to cover me with it.  I could have cried at that point.  What a beautifully, thoughtful little lad.  He also brought me the phones when it became obvious, after being glued to the toilet for several hours, that no let up was in sight and Rye was becoming increasingly distressed at me wretching, not to mention hungry and thirsty.  Managed to get hold of a friend to come round and collect Rye, bless her, she even kept him Monday so I could sleep and recover quicker.

Today, apart from aching ribs and sore stomach muscles I feel fine, a little hungry; the constitution is still a tad delicate though, so very bland foods for me and at the present the thought of eating causes grimacing - which is a novelty for me ;-)  Rye, with the resilence of a child, has bounced back from his illness easily and with no apparent after affects.

After been cooped up, fresh air was required today.  And oh my goodness, fresh indeed has the air become.  We had fun at the wee park next to us.  Rye was brave and attempted to climb up to slide, he did pretty well, he does panick a bit though... yet, he still wanted to have a go climbing wall; too little though :-)  We played with the frisbee too, which was fun, although there were a few arms over head ducking moments.  Rye hasn't quite got the coordination to throw a frisbee, um, safely lol.

When we arrived home Rye had gorgeous rosy cheeks from the chill air.  It was nice getting outside. 
Tomorrow, my charge is back, (her mum had the sickness over the weekend too), little annoying to loose out on the money for childminding, rather that than passing the bug between us both and possibly ruining the holidays.  Still, the timing weren't great.


sue said...

Oh no, poor you and Rye, I really hope you soon start feeling ok again, sending healing vibes your way. (((hugs)))
sue xx

arwen_tiw said...

Aw sounds like what we've had, so glad you're getting better now! Bless Rye, how sweet and caring he is. xxx

Joxy said...

Thanks :-)

I feel almost normal again and you'd never know Rye was ill at the weekend lol. Amazing how kids bounce back. He's a little wary of food at the moment but it will pass. ;-)

Jacqui said...

So pleased things are working out for you - despite this little setback. Much better to get it over with at the same time and you having to cancel. So sweet that he brought his cover down for you. xx