Friday, 5 March 2010

Time for a change.

Morning sun streaming through the lounge window, clear blue skies and distinct signs that Spring is waking up, has given me the urge to update the layout of the blog, something a bit brighter and warmer.
Dress up with the playsilk
The lure of warm sunshine was too much and we decanted into the garden, 'cept it wasn't very warm and the low sun meant most of the garden was still in shade.  It was the neighbour banging and drilling that drove us inside though; my charge was afraid and hid her head in my chest and cried.  Bless her.
We were able to go out again later and this time the sunshine was warmer; more of the garden bathed in it's warming rays.  The kids had a lovely time playing with the tunnel and tent, we were enjoying ourselves so much that lunch was a bit late and toward the end my charge was nodding off.
Rye took a nap too on the sofa, so I took the opportunity to drink nice hot cuppa and have a read about Steiner education online.  Prompted by a friend telling me at HE group yesterday how fabulous the Steiner Toddler group is.  Unfortunately the group is over Canterbury way and it's not very easy for me to get to.  
The very basic information I read has intrigued me alot and seems to compliment my own philosophies, I think too it could be a nice element to bring into my childminding setting too.


Jacqui said...

What a lovely day you have had. That first picture of Rye is a great shadow shot. I enjoy bringing in some of the waldorf aspects to our lives - some rhythm to the day seems to suit James very well.

September said...

Love your new look :-)

Jax said...

like the green, very comforting somehow.