Saturday, 1 May 2010

Moon influences.

I am hoping it's moon sensitivity that has affected us this week.  Gawd, what a week!  Tuesday, as I blogged already, was very stressful.  Wednesday was fine, the kids played in the garden and I baked:

Thursday was awful.  It started off ok, the HE group were meeting at Brockhill Park and so I popped into town first thing to buy a booster seat for Rye, as one of the families were giving us a lift back....'cept it didn't register that she had said they might not make it after all because of going on holiday to Florida later that evening.  DUH! 

Anyhoos.  Popped into town, picked up a new trolley, this time a rucksac on wheels, to carry the picnic stuff in etc, and then on to Argos for the carseat.  Rye was whinging already and I had made the tactical error of deciding not to take the buggy, and instead have C on my back.  Then while waiting in line for the bus to Saltwood, the bus shut its doors and drove off because the people in front of us in the queue didn't want that bus, so the driver thought that was it... yet there was me and at least 3 other people waiting to get on the bus.  I was not best pleased at all.

Finally, the next bus arrived and we got on it.  Rye insisted on sitting on the front seat, and an elderly gentleman sat next to him.... and for the first time, we had the "Why aren't you in school?"  question, to which I replied incredulously, "he's 3!".  Then the fella actually said to him, "So are you a boy or a girl?" and when Rye didn't reply he said, "Is there something wrong with you, you don't talk much..."   I confessed I was too gobsmacked to say ought.  When the fella got off the bus, I called Rye to join me, and he ignored me, blatantly.  When the bus next stopped I jumped up and dragged him to sit next to me. 

A kind lady told me nudged me when it was time to get off the bus; Rye however, started messing around, putting the seats up and down, (where the buggies go), so I had to grab him and drag him off because round here, the bus drivers have been known to set off if you aren't quick enough to get off..... five minutes later I realised I'd left Rye's brand new booster seat on the bus and C's coat.  Oh, I was absolutely spitting nails, and while I didn't rant at Rye particularly, I did make it very clear I was in a very, very bad mood and he better not annoy me.  So, of course he dragged his feet and whinged.  I very nearly turned around to wait for the next bus to go home... but I'd come this far. 

Some of my moodiness began to dissipate a little on arriving at Brockhill Park.  It is beautiful, although there was some initital harsh words spoken to Rye because once again he ignored me.  I was a tad short with my friend too.    "My" kids were hungry, and I really needed to sit down and recoup, I'd been on my feet since 9am, with C on my back, and by this time it was around half 12, I was hot, p*ssed off, and very thirsty.  So we ate and then my friends took their dog for a long walk, (Siberian Husky, absolutely gorgeous), and I took Rye to the playpark area. 

Then it was time for C to be picked up, my friends came back off their walk and by now the twins were tired and crantankeous, so they decided to leave after a drink.  I stayed, one of the other HE parents offered Rye and me a lift home - I didn't realise when I accepted that she wasn't actually going my way.  Insanely grateful for the lift tho - in a car it really isn't far from here at all.  I confess, I'm thinking more and more about saving up for a car. 

The group has decided to make Brockhill our Thursday meet up place because the kids did really enjoy themselves and there's a lot of different environments to explore and play in.  I've decided I cannot in all fairness ask my charge's mum to pick her up from Brockhill every week, so I'll be going maybe fortnightly, and the weeks not going, I'll take the kids swimming.

Anyway, on arriving home, I had a cuppa then Rye and me walked down to our friends' house for a shared chinese takeaway, it was a very pleasant way to end the day.  It was also good to talk about my lack of coping this week and to be reminded how that Rye is really a fantastic little boy and shouting just is not helpful. 

The plan for Friday was to pop to the bus station in the hope the booster seat and C's coat had been found.  I made the right decision to put C on my back and take the buggy with me.  Rye sat in the seat a lot and seemed to enjoy being wheeled about for a change - it also meant I didn't have to deal with incessant whinning... although he did ask a couple of times to be carried.  I guess cos C was on my back.  I was delighted to get the car seat back, although some scoundral had nicked Cs coat out of the bag.  Sigh.

And today has been pleasant enough.  This week has certainly tired  out Rye, he slept until 10am this morning!  The kids played in the lounge, sure it was a bit noisy and I had to intercede quite a bit; overall it was ok though.  Once C had gone home, Rye and I had some lovely reconnecting time - throwing him over my shoulder onto the bean bag and then teaching him how to balance stood on my hands, hold his arms up into the air and shout, "I am king of the world," before falling backwards onto the beanbag. 

And as today is May 1st and Beltane, it felt appropriate that Rye get outdoors, inspite of the rain, (although, has to be said it's been mostly light showers), and go for a walk.  We played at the park a bit, and while no maypole has featured this May Day, I did chase Rye around the slide a few times, and then we meander home.  There are arts and crafts planned for tomorrow, and an updating of the seaon table - especially as the weather forecast is for a lot of rain tomorrow.

The plan was also to go the Jack in the Green festival in Hastings on Monday; alas the breaking down of hte washing machine means this is not possible now, so instead some friends are coming round tea on Monday, so I'll bake food appropriate for the festival.... and maybe we can make May Day hats for the kids.


LesleyA said...

I recognise the old fella on the bus! We have such a lot of them round here. Honestly, the cheek...Glad you got the seat back X

Crystalrainbow said...

Wow what a busy time youve had oh and stressful well done for coping and keeping your head lol Beltane blessings hun thanks for the great read, i surely do enjoy your posts x x x

nocton4 said...

Love & hugs wonderful Mama and here's to a better week