Monday, 24 May 2010


Phew, today has been incredibly hot.  The perfect day for a trip to the Coastal Park to meet some other HE families.  First though, Rye, last night had been playing with the shape puzzles and he almost completed the pentagram, I am very proud:
Really excellent effort!
Right back to  today.
View of the sea from top of the Lees Cliff.  That water looked so inviting, I was half tempted to blow off meeting the HE families and go down to the sea front instead.
The zig zag path down to the Coastal Park.  Those caves felt so lovely and cool.
Rye immediately demonstrated his confidence with the climbing frames and webbing.  My charge had a good attempt at climbing up too; she was quickly distracted by grapes lol.
Playing in the Pirate ship.
I can see you!

One of those perfect days.  Good company, lovely weather, kids played brilliantly.  Rye even walked all the way back to the bus stop to catch the bus home.  Once we arrived at the bus stop, he flagged and I held him in my arms for a while, before popping him in the mei tai on my back.  Gosh, that boy has grown, he's now tall enough that he can sit with his arms over the top of the mei tai! 

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