Saturday, 19 June 2010

Music maker.

I struggle with noise, for the simple fact it hurts my ears.  Actually, not so much the noise, but the vibrations some noises make.  I have fluid behind the eardrums and certain noises causes, what I presume are like, mini tidal waves crashing against the drum causing the pain. 

Nonetheless, it's impossible to keep little one quiet, and even more impossible to stop them from banging on things.  It is possible to minimise what they bang on.  This morning the darlings were boisterious and full of mischief.  After finishing a chat with a friend on the telephone, the music basket was emptied out.  Gosh they had fun -a nd I cringed, tried to ignore the mini tidal waves in my ears and got on with some crochet.  Well , like anything, if one is distracted the irritation seems less annoying.
Playing the recorder.  This is a proper wood recorder, just toddler size.  I bought it from Treeblocks.  It can produce lovely sounds, perhaps not when a 3 1/2 yr old boy is blowing with all his worth, however.
The percussion pig.  Yup, not a frog, as normal, but a pig.  We picked this up from a car boot sale last Sunday.  The sounds this little fella makes do not produce tidal waves, so yah!
Playing a flute, picked up from the Faery Festival in April.  Its not a particularly good one, so tuneful is not really within this instrument's vocabulary.
Rye kept playing the pre-recorded music on the little keyboard and bashing various percussion instruments in a vague resemblance of a beat. He had a lot of fun, as did my mindee.  I couldn't quite get her to understand that shoving the flute and recorder as far into her mouth as possible, means it will not produce sound - still, she had fun.

And the piece of crochet I was working on while all this, um, music was being produced.... a square motif for a dishcloth.  The horrible pink kitchen sponge had finally bit the dust, and rather than buying more dish clothes or sponges, I decided to make myself a cloth, while also having a play with one of the motifs in the new crochet book I bought a few weeks ago.
This is a basic double crochet square worked in the spiral, the difference being, the stitches are worked into the back loop, creating a raised rib.  I also doubled up the cotton yarn to produce a thick and substantial piece of fabric.  Almosts seems a shame to use this to wash dishes with!


sue said...

Oh I know what you mean about some noises lol, although I am considering ordering a small size wooden guitar for charlie.x

Joxy said...

I have a ukele for Rye, its suppose to be much easier to learn. I did have a look at learning the chords myself so I could show him, then I got distractd with various projects.

I do also need to take it down to themusic shop and smile winesomely at the staff so they will tune it for me.