Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Bits and bobs.

Ahhh, the car my delightful brother bought Rye when we visited in July.  Bought quite deliberately - alas I can't complain too much, I use to do the same when he's kids were little.  Such a shame that the batteries have run out.

He moved just as I was taking the photo - he had been playing with the dollies and pretending they were walking and talking to each other.
Apparently the green doll is called Felix.  It has to be said he's more taken with the dolls than my charge is!
Ahhh licking out the brownie pan.  Lammas brownies no less.  It's not a festival I celebrate hugely.  We went round to a friend's house with some other friends and enjoyed a jolly good bbq.  Rye had a marvelous time running around with a friend's son.  The lad is a wee bit older than Rye, just a year or so, but gosh they seem to have a lot of fun together and both kids were upset when it was time to leave.

And so far this week it's been quiet, we were suppose to be going to a playday thing as part of the National Playday week thingy, but its been cancelled because the forecast is for rain and thunder.  I'll believe it when I see it.  Rain has been forecast for the past 2 days and instead the weather has been lovely.  Mind the garden could do with some rain.

And a move at the end of the year could be on the cards :-) 

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